Eucaforest BLOG

Vegetable Gardens in Phumula – 2014

by May 17, 2020

Eucaforest worked with a network of privately led upliftment efforts, together with the Phumula community, to plant self-sustaining vegetable gardens that can provide a financial income to each family. Training for this included a demonstration of the steps of planting a vegetable garden: digging holes, filling holes with compost, planting seedlings and then protecting the seedlings from drought, birds and grazing livestock.

Blankets for St. Andrews Primary School – 2014

by May 17, 2020

Many of the children living in Phumula attend the nearby St Andrews Primary School, a government-run school. With extensive needs, this school offers an opportunity for the Eucaforest Development Trust to assist both the learners directly, as well as the structure of the school itself.

The school has 140 pupils, five teachers and three support staff. Eucaforest recognizes these children represent the future – and seeks to significantly increase the quality of the learning for each child represented.